February 22, 2016

On-Line Auction

I never bid on on-line auctions but last week I decided to try it.  The lot I bid on was pictured as an open drawer with several nondescript pieces of linen hanging out of it.  I won with an $8 bid.  Much to my surprise, when I went to pick up my winnings it was a large box of linens.  About half of it I couldn't use but two of the prettiest items were this beautiful tablecloth and a needlepoint bell pull.   

I love the hardware!

I painted this dressing table for my daughter over the weekend.  Usually I don't like doing furniture but this was fun.

Baby Perl
Next week will be one year since Perl came to live with us.  She has kept me on my toes  but has brought me such joy!  

December 29, 2015


Perl was born in Florida one year ago today.  I had no idea that she would become part of my life and bring me so much joy.  In my search for a Cardigan puppy, several pieces of the puzzle fit together and she became my puppy!  I established quite a friendship with her breeder during the time I was waiting for her to get old enough to make the long ride to VA.   Sadly, her breeder passed suddenly soon after I got Perl and I still miss her.  We communicated often about Perl's growth and her shenanigans!

I've think there must be a beaver in Perl's family tree.  She has chewed so much furniture and I can never catch her.  She also has destroyed numerous electrical cords.  She is definitely my last puppy but in spite of all the destruction, I love her so much.  She makes me laugh everyday.

November 21, 2015

Redecorated Guest Room

I hope you'll enjoy seeing pictures of my redecorated guest room. This has been a fun project and I'm thrilled with the way it turned out.  My painter is a retired high school teacher and  does a fantastic job.  She's  slowly painting my natural woodwork white in each room and I can't believe how much difference it makes.  My wonderful friend helped me choose the paint color.  It is called Rosewater.

I made the valances from a single drapery panel I found at a thrift shop for $1.99.  It was in pristine condition and already lined.  I added the beaded trim.

I used every inch of the fabric covering the chair and making the pillow.

 My vintage hankies are displayed in an old spoon rack.

The wall cabinet is the top of an old secretary and was purchased at the flea market.  It's amazing how a little TLC and some white paint can bring something to life!

I made the white ceramic tree when I was in my 30's in a class taught by the same friend who picked out my paint.  Longtime friends are priceless!

This little dotted Swiss dress came from antique shop. I had to bring it home with me!

I found these felted corgi ornaments at Target this year and I think they are sold out across the country.   Corgi lovers are crazy!  I'll hang the wreath in my kitchen window in a few days.  It makes me smile.

My corgi girls are doing so well.  Bonnie has adjusted perfectly since she came to live with us  in the summer.   She is a super sweet girl and so well mannered.  Perl, well that's a different story.  She's wild and determined.  She will be a year old in December.  Miss Heidi is a quiet old lady who takes lots of naps and doesn't like to be bothered by the younger girls!  

September 1, 2015

And The Winner Is...

I am excited to have new friends and readers of my blog and this giveaway has been fun!  Karen Mertens and I have so many similar interests and one of them is collecting buttons.  When I drew her name this morning, it didn't take long to pick out a selection of old and new buttons for her from my collection.  Notice the button card on the top.  It sold for 10 cents!  In addition to the buttons, I'm sending her a vintage handkerchief and a wire bird's nest pendant that I made.  Karen, please send me your mailing address by email.

August 25, 2015

Fairy and Gnome Gardens

I love finding containers for my fairy gardens! Most of the ones I use come from thrift shops or yard sales.  Almost anything that holds soil will work.  I saw one online that was made in an old guitar case.

I made this one in a mini red wagon for my daughter's birthday last year.

My gnome garden is made in a small galvanized tub. There's mischief going on in this garden.  The gnomes are drinking ale and partying when they should be working.  The little cedar tree came out of one of my flower beds.  Notice the owl sitting in the top. 

My full size wagon garden had to be moved to the top of a trunk when my puppy, Perl, arrived this spring.

Wheel barrows are great to use also.  I  like to keep my gardens in a covered area so heavy rain doesn't wash everything out of the container.

August 19, 2015

Introducing Sweet Bonnie and a Five Year Anniversary Giveaway

A few weeks we welcomed Bonnie to our family. She is a two year old brindle Cardigan corgi. I wasn't looking for another corgi but things just seemed to happen and before I knew it she was my new bed partner.  She is a perfect addition to our family! She loves Perl and they have so much fun playing together.  That relieves me and Miss Heidi (two old ladies) of the responsibility of entertaining Perl all day.  

We love her!

This month is the fifth anniversary of my blog.  So, it's time to have a giveaway.  To enter, simply follow my blog and leave a comment on this post before September 1 telling me a little about your favorite things.  The prize will be customized for the winner and I promise you'll like it!

My old shoes have thrived this summer because of all the rain.  The moss voluntarily came up on them and there's even a maple tree growing out of the one on the left.