July 23, 2014

Mid-Life Crisis at 64

Until  a month ago I was driving a 1999 SUV that I planned to keep forever.  Cars haven't really been a priority in my life but I think that's changed.   My neighbor spotted the prettiest little convertible on a dealer lot on her way to work and insisted that we check it out.  I mentioned to her some time ago that I had always wanted a convertible.
Well, you'll find me cruising around with the top down, wearing my favorite straw hat and pumping up my music these days.  My new license plates say LV CRGIS.  I'm having so much fun! 

I celebrated my 64th birthday last week and I guess this is something I can mark off my "bucket list".

July 17, 2014

Friends and Flowers

Yesterday I visited one of my favorite couples who have been my friends for many  years.  These two have always inspired me with their loving spirit and generosity to their family and friends. They've been married for over fifty years and seem to be more in love as time goes by.

Below are pictures I took of their lovely yard and garden.

I have to share this funny story with you..  One of my blog friends who lives near Staunton, VA, sent me some "Heirloom Zinnia Seeds" she bought from a lady at her church.  I shared them with this friend and hers are gorgeous.  Mine didn't even come up.  My green thumb just isn't working.

After years of fighting with the squirrels eating their tomatoes, they finally won the battle.  They built a wire house that keeps the squirrels away from the plants!   

The wire side walls are great for the climbing cucumbers planted on the outside.


Last but not least, their beautiful grand dog, Holly!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I'm taking a short road trip to visit my sister and we'll be looking for "treasures".

July 7, 2014


I have always loved birdhouses, nests and anything to do with birds.  My favorite season is spring and I get so excited when I have nests and baby birds in my yard.    Over the years I've collected several houses inside and outside my home.  The one above is my favorite and I keep it under the cover of my front porch to preserve it.

My wonderful neighbor gave me this one with the star opening.  She moved recently and didn't have a space for it at her new home.  It has a permanent home on my porch and reminds me of her sweet friendship when I see it.
I found the whimsical double house with all the rust on the roof at a "junk shop" about a month ago for $5.
I love the watering can perch on this one.  I think it came from a home party purchase many years ago.
A family of wrens are nesting in this house.  The wren is my favorite bird.  I love their sassy little attitude and their flipped up tail.  I have seen them several times in the last few days pulling Spanish moss out of some of my flower pots.  There is enough corgi hair in my backyard to make several nests but they don't seem to be interested.  Whenever I brush the corgi girls, I leave the hair in the flower borders just in case.  Maybe she doesn't want her home to smell like a corgi.  I'll bet she loves the fragrance coming from the flocks growing under her nest.

June 30, 2014

Tennessee Vacation

I spent last week vacationing in Nashville, TN.  It was my first visit to this beautiful city and I loved it.  If you ever want to experience true "southern hospitality" this is the place to go.  Every person we encountered was helpful, friendly and welcoming!
The highlight of my week was stopping by to visit Jeri Landers from Hopalong Hollow Gazette blog on the way home.  After having lunch on her porch, she showed us around her country gardens and introduced us to all her farm critters.  Everything about her home and gardens looks like pictures in a magazine.

Peahen and her baby

Jeri is giving everyone an "afternoon snack"

Vacations are always fun, but I must admit that coming home to see my corgi girls and their feline sister was great.  Being away for several days makes you appreciate your home and surroundings when you return!

May 30, 2014

Train Trip to NYC!

On Memorial Day a friend and I traveled to New York City on the train.  For the next three days we walked for miles and saw  many of the city's beautiful landmarks.  

Our ride through Central Park in the late afternoon was my favorite.  

This part of the park was donated by J. Lennon's wife after he was killed.

Lennon's apartment building is right outside the park and his wife still lives there.

Another highlight was this trading company where they sold buttons, antique trims, cards, banners, and hundreds of vintage and new ribbons.

I love this beautiful city and can't wait to go back!

May 24, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

I had a serious scare this week when Heidi ate fertilizer that I put around my hollies.  I won't go into unpleasant details but she was ill and spent a day at the vet's office.  Heidi will eat anything, a natural corgi trait, I'm afraid.  Please be careful if you are working in your yard this weekend and are using chemicals. This pic was taken today and she is fully recovered, I hope.

Now for some pictures I took in my yard this morning.  It is a beautiful day in central Virginia!

There is a party going on in my gnome garden on the front porch...

Miss Lilly, my garden lady

This is a gnome garden I made for my daughter in a mini wagon.

And last, but not least, is this beautiful feather I found in the front yard when I was taking pictures.  I think it is from an owl who lives in the wooded area behind my house.

Have a safe and fun holiday!

April 28, 2014

Happy 11th Birthday to Miss Hanna


There's no way to put into the words the joy that my beautiful Hanna has brought me in her short life.  She was 11 weeks old when I brought her home and was all ears.  I was working ten-hour days as a school registrar that summer and the school principal let me keep her in my office (in her crate, of course).  Her job was to calm the nerves of new students when they came to register for the next year.  I don't have to tell you that she charmed them all!

That fall I enrolled her in obedience classes so she could join a therapy group. The instructor was very stern and Hanna was mischievous so she got in trouble a few times.  I have some cute memories from those classes.   She loved visiting the children's hospital and retirement homes.  Since she has developed arthritis in her spine, we no longer do therapy work.  Her job now is to take her baby aspirin every morning and spend as much of the day as she wants on the front porch taking naps with her sister, Heidi.   I run out to check on them often and sometimes we all have a nap, weather permitting.