August 31, 2010

Feed Sacks

When I started thinking about a name for my blog, I liked  Flowers and Feed Sacks but quickly realized that unless you were a senior citizen or almost, you wouldn't know what the heck I was talking about.  Feed sacks were printed cloth sacks that poultry food was sold in.  Some of the sacks had floral borders and were used for pillowcases or aprons.  My mom always bought  solid colored bags and an elderly lady in my rural neighborhood would make blouses for me with Peter Pan collars.  Some sacks were the color of muslin and I remember my mom washing them thoroughly on a wringer washing machine, hemming them and using them for dish towels.  In my search for vintage linens, I'm always excited when I find something made out of an old feed sack!

Feed Sack Apron

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