October 14, 2010

Darien and Jekyll Island, Georgia

This poster advertising a "spay and  neuter" fundraiser was in a shop window and I thought it was so cute I wanted to share it with you.

It was too early to have lunch at the Purple Pickle in Darien, GA, but I think it would have been fun.
The trees in Darien were laden with Spanish moss.   The moss absorbs it's nutrients from water and air and doesn't really harm the trees.   To me, there's something romantic about these beautiful oak trees with the moss hanging down.

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island, GA,  houses and rehabilitates injured sea turtles.  This is Erica and she will be released back to the ocean once she is well.
These babies have been numbered for future identification and will be released when they  are more mature.

Jekyll Island is only 7 1/2 miles long and it is so beautiful!


  1. Were those turtles from the BP disaster? Wherever they are from, it's important work. Got to add Jekyll Island to the list!

  2. I don't think they were. This is definitely a great stop if you're in that area. The island is just breathtaking and the rehab center is very interesting and educational.