June 1, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Ride

I was going through some old pictures last night and decided to share these with you.  In July of 2001, my friend and I took a ride over the desert in Sedona, Arizona, in this balloon.  We had to be at the site very early in the morning when the winds would be just right to carry the balloon safely.  This is what it looked like before it was totally inflated and upright.

This balloon had a large basket and held 11 people.
As we glided over the desert, we could see the long-eared jack rabbits running around below.  This is one of my favorite lifetime experiences.  I'd never miss the opportunity to go up again.

I love this picture of the shadow on the red rock of the balloon we're in!

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  1. Up Up and away! WOW, I must do some kind of story about a balloon ride in a story book. You have planted a seed in my mind with your ride in the clouds! I bet this was some kind of fun!