November 7, 2010

Flea Market Find

Today was very pleasant at the flea market, a little cold but as long as you stayed in the sun, it was nice. 

My mother always loved unusual dishes and as I get older, I do too!  Just when I should be downsizing, I find that I can't resist adding more to my already crowded china cabinet whenever I come across a bargain. 

Today I bought this set of square bowls which I believe are for serving berries.  The smallest bowl is a perfect size for an individual serving of fruit.  For $6, I got the large bowl, the medium size and eight of the small serving dishes. 


  1. Those are beautiful Sharon! Great price too! I love dishes like that. I use them when my daughter has friends over for her birthday party. The girls love it when I decorate the table up with my party plates. They have a great time.

    Have a Great Day!

  2. Thanks, Angela! You are so sweet!
    When my granddaughters come over I like to serve them on my mismatched china even if we're having hotdogs!
    It's fun.

  3. Thanks for visiting today and leaving a lovely comment! Looks like you got a good buy on some beaustiful dishes, you will enjoy. Love your puppies, what sweet babies.