November 11, 2010


Let us all remember today, the men and women all over the world who have fought for their country and what they believe.   We must never take our freedom for granted and and think about what a sacrifice our veterans have made for us.

If a military family passes by your window of life today, take a minute to say "thank you".


  1. Querida Sharon:
    Todos los artículos que veas en mi blog los vendo por encargo. Cualquier cosa que te haya gustado dímelo y con mucho gusto te lo mando.
    Espero que nos pongamos de acuerdo.
    Besos Clara

    Dear Sharon:
    All items you see on my blog I sell them on request. Anything you liked me know and I will gladly say to you.
    I hope we can agree.
    Clara kisses

    (No tengo su correo electronico)

  2. they usually have a vets parade in our village, but since today is thur they'll probably have it this weekend.

    freedom isn't free