January 4, 2011

Dollhouse Window Boxes

click to enlarge
This is my first dollhouse which was built from a Real Good Toys kit about 25 years ago.  I've been working on window boxes for the windows and yesterday I finally put the finishing touches on them.  I've had fun working on projects this week.  I always breath a sigh of relief the week  after Christmas when life gets back to normal.

This past summer I updated the wallpaper and had it wired for electricity.  I plan to pass my two dollhouses on to my granddaughters someday.


  1. Your blog is really cute...love those corgis!

  2. The doll house is perfect, I love the little window boxes! Doll houses are a lot of work, to get them "just so" and I admire your work!

  3. Hi again
    I sold the dresser set. Sorry!
    I found it on ebay; they have a lot of beautiful porcelain.

  4. Your doll house is just the cutest! It looks like a real house if you didn't know it wasn't. I love the finishing touches you've done to it. The electric just adds to the charm!

    Have a Great Day!

  5. Love the doll house. You know just the right touch to really make it look just like a big house. I know you have so much fun.

  6. I usually breath a sigh of relief the week after Christmas also. I love your dollhouse, I have often thought what a fun hobby that would be. Thank you for entering my mosaic shoe giveaway! I am wishing you luck!


  7. Hello Sharon,
    I saw that you're gone from me,
    nice to meet you.
    Now around a bit to your blog
    The house you've done is beautiful, congratulations.
    Best wishes for an amazing year

  8. that just adds the finishing touch, are you going to show us the back?

  9. I love doll houses and this one is a beauty. Would love to see the rooms inside too :)

  10. I love this doll house! Your granddaughters are going to be very lucky. Some day I hope to have a doll house. Your furnishings are so real looking on your other posts; I didn't even know I was looking at a doll house.
    ~ Julie