January 20, 2011

Full Moon and Dollhouse Attic

Did anyone else notice how beautiful the full moon was last night?  I'll bet it was really pretty at Angela's (West Virginia Treasures) and Amy's (Verde Farm) in West Virginia.

The dollhouse in the attic is a 2010 Hallmark ornament.


  1. Good morning! I did notice the 'full-moon rise' here in Northern Virginia last evening on my way home from work. And, this morning it was lovely, and I even snapped a couple of pictures of it!

    I do love attics, big or small! :-)

  2. Hi Sharon! You know I didn't even notice the moon last night. Usually it keeps me up because it is too bright in my room. I sometimes take a black blanket and hang it over my curtains because I like it to be completely dark in my room when I sleep! lol

    That is a really cute ornament! I wouldn't had thought it was an ornament.

    Have a Great Day!

    ps Hope you are ready for the snow!

  3. I think it's called a Wolfs Moon? at least that's what the weather man called it.

    that attic is cleaner than mine I can tell you that! it's also cuter than mine too

    Marisa :)

  4. I love the nursery -- that giraffe is just too adorable. The attic is great too, that cat stretching. What a lovely hobby for you to have and for us to enjoy.--Inger

  5. Hi Sharon! I'm so glad you found my blog and became a friend.
    I be'friend'ed you too ;)Love that Doll House...what a buy.
    Now that we know where we are in Blogland...let's not be strangers.

  6. The moon was bright in my window last night Sharon-very beautiful. Snow tonight.
    The attic is just perfect. The Hallmark ornament could NOT have been more perfect in size and design. You are just so good. I love the little details--they just look real.