February 6, 2011

A Very Special Guest Today!

Hello there, my name is Charlotte, Lady Charlotte Pedigree to be exact, and I live at Verde Farm with many other chickens and animals.  I may be a chicken, but I'm a designer at heart-and land sakes, I'm living in a new place with a wonderful name. It's called "Heartbeak Hotel."  Now, isn't that the most clever name you ever heard for a house of hens and roosters?  I have been reading Miss Sharon's blog for a while now and it's one of my favorites because she and I have the same taste.  Let me explain... 

Last month I saw her wonderful posts on doll houses and I have to tell you, I thought those beautiful houses were for me.  A chicken  could only dream of a home so beautiful and I couldn't get it off my mind.  I asked my farm lady and farmer if I could be in charge of decorating our new place-because I am the only hen here with design style-and lucky me, they said yes!  So I am working on my decorating plan and let me tell you where my inspiration is coming from.  You guessed it, Miss Sharon's dollhouse.

My favorite room is the blue bedroom Miss Vera is in.  My favorite color is blue and since I'm a girly hen, I think the lace is dreamy.  Since I don't sleep in a bed, I am going to do blue check curtains in my house and lace trim on the edge to get a similar effect.  I first asked if we had the budget to do wallpaper, a nice toile perhaps, but farmer put his foot down.  So, I want to paint my room a pale blue, I think it will be relaxing and believe me we chickens need to relax.

In terms of decor, I want some pretty framed artwork like Vera has here.  Gold frames are just my style and I am on the lookout for some fine, fowl art.  I don't have a kitchen but I need fine china and Miss Sharon has a beautiful set in this kitchen.   Goodness, I wonder if they make china feeders.  I sure hope so.

Of course, farmer wants me to have little biddies so I need a section of my home for the nursery.  We all know what a hen box looks like, but Sharon's bassinet is more my style.  A cream paint with wood carved flowers on my box would make me so happy, and I know my babies would love it too.

So, I want to thank Miss Sharon for inviting me to share my house decorating plans with you.  I long to make a name for myself and inspire hens all over the world to insist on a stylish home for their families.  Chickens are important too you know.

Warm regards,
Lady Charlotte Pedigree


  1. Cackle, cackle! Too cute! We all would like to live in homes as beautifully decorated as these rooms are ... not so sure you are going to like the new 'feather' trend tho. Chuckle!

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

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  2. I am so proud of Lady Charlotte. I know she was so excited about this post and inspiring other hens to become active in the Hen’s Right’s movement. She wants to be a decorator and I have to say--she has an eye for sure.
    Thank you Sharon for inviting our little lady to guest post today :)

  3. How adorable... Your home is beautiful and love the nursery!!

    You tell Miss Charlotte she did a fine job!


  4. Oh, Lady Charlotte, you have excellent taste. I, too fell so in love with the doll house and wish I could go and live in one right now. You see, mine is a huge mess. But you have inspired me to get it all cleaned up and organized. You are so right that a nice place to live in is very important.--Inger

  5. lady charlotte how grand your plans are! but i have a question...are you a good housekeeper?

  6. Amy, Sharon's daughterFebruary 7, 2011 at 2:55 PM

    Charlotte u are beautiful. Your hair is so wild how do u see?loved your post,enjoy decorating your new place.