March 30, 2011

Trek to the Final Four

My granddaughters are on the front row:  the one in the teal jacket and the white jacket beside her.

I went with my daughters and granddaughters to the pep rally for the VCU Rams today before they left Richmond for Houston.  We had so much fun! All of this is so unexpected by this team and they are truly the underdog.  The players had  big grins on their faces and their parents were beaming with pride.  I can't wait until Saturday to see what happens!

And what do you think of this?  My youngest daughter had a pedicure today.  You can't tell we're excited, can you?


  1. Hi Sharon:
    Those toenails are just adorable! I'll cheer for the Rams for y'all!

  2. Well it's just exciting to be cheering or YOUR team!! Have fun all!!

  3. Sharon it looks like one of the underdogs will be in the finals again this year (VCU or Butler), I wish your team luck.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today and I hope to see you again.