April 1, 2011

Bald Neck Chicken

I recently had this email from my friend who lives in South Africa. This might be of interest to all you "farm chics" out there.  She wrote:

On a drive one day, we met friends at a coffee shop with a difference. This coffee shop was 20kilometers (about 10 miles) out on a very badly surfaced dirt road through the mountains, on a farm. The farmer's wife is a baker of note. She stocks a good variety of freshly baked cakes and scones, which she serves with thick farm cream. Most of the eggs used in the cakes come from a strange variety of chicken called the "bald neck" chicken.   The coffee was good, cakes delicious and all in all, worth the trip out.

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Have a great weekend!


  1. I am wondering if this is the same as a Turken? mmmmm thick farm cream mmmmmm

  2. Definitely looks like a Turken. I just can't get past that neck!! LOL. The coffee shop sounds interesting though. Found you on FFF.

  3. That chicken is too funny! I love your Corgies...
    We have one named Max and we are crazy about him!
    would love to get him a little friend some day.
    thanks for joining the farm Friday hop!
    Cute entry!

  4. Yes the Poulet Rouge, turken or naked neck, a very strange looking bird but supposed to taste wonderful.

  5. Oh my gosh--I love it!! It is so pretty. So this is a turken all grown up? How great--so glad you linked up today gal :)
    Been covered up at work--no end in sight right now but glad to have a job :)

  6. Unusual looking bird, but of course we are not used to them. The ride sounds like it was worth the trip!

  7. Kind of looks like a cross between a chicken and a turkey! hehehe

    Have a Great Weekend!

  8. I saw those chickens recently on the Pet Blog, I think it was...they sure look comical but as long as the eggs taste good, that's good enough for me ;-)

  9. Very interesting looking chicken! LOVE your Corgis

    happy day1

  10. It does look like a turken. They are awfully ugly in a comical sort of way.

  11. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for your comment. We were blessed to take care of our granddaughter for 5 nights :).
    I love this chicken! lol
    ~ Julie