April 22, 2011

Morning Glories and Arabelle!

For two days  I've been trying to clean out my day lily bed.  It's been neglected and the morning glories have taken  over.  I've considered using a weed killer,  but I'm afraid to do that because my corgi girls play in the backyard.

The weather has been cool and perfect to work in my backyard.  There's woods behind my house so it's very private and peaceful.  Sometimes I feel like Tasha Tudor when I'm out there and the girls are following me around.  Today I was dragging a tarp half full of   weeds and leaves to the woods and all of a sudden I noticed it got very heavy.  I looked over my shoulder and Arabelle was sitting on the back of it.  I thought to myself, "what would Tasha do".  I don't think she would have scolded her, so I didn't either.  That dog is such a mess!

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Tasha would be proud! (Both your working in the garden, and your corgi tolerance factor.)
    Happy Easter, Sharon and girls.
    Donna, Kes and Fezzik I. ^..^

  2. How wonderful to have such precious help in the garden!
    I wish you and yours a rich, blessed Easter!
    Tina xo

  3. Hello!! I've been putting off working in my garden, but know that the longer I wait, the worse it'll be--Glad you had some help! :-))

    I hope you have a wonderful Easter!!!

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous..been looking around at your previous posts and your fairy garden is so adorable...I might have to make a spot in my garden for one! You asked about my conservatory...I purchased it at Hobby Lobby last year half price! Hope you can find one..I think a minature garden would be perfect in it!!