May 23, 2011


I took these pictures this morning of the clematis vine on my mailbox.  This one is named Jackmani and is several years old.  Jackmani blooms on new growth so I prune it back to about 12" in March, put a cup of lime around it and fertilize it.

The clematis was just a few years old in this picture.

This girl was only 11 weeks old.  Can't imagine trying to get her in the mailbox now!


  1. Adorable, Sharon. Love to find her in my mailbox ... sigh!
    Your Clematis are gorgeous. I'll be showing off mine this week also ... this year the one is profuse & the smell is awesome.

    Have a lovely week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Splendid Jackmani your mailbox!I hope to have one
    Your little girl is adorable!!!!

  3. My clematis is also so beautiful this year! I wish it bloomed more than twice a year, but then I probably wouldn't appreciate it as much!

    I like your mail too--I never get anything but bills in mine! :-))) I hope your week is off toa good start!!

  4. Oh, the flowers are pretty, but not as pretty as your puppy in the mailbox. What a pretty dog she's grown up to be. Love her face!

  5. Such a beautiful clematis! Would love to find that little angel in my postbox! Thanks for visiting me, I always enjoy visiting your blog! Have a grand week!! xx

  6. I love your blog. I'm a new follower. I used to have a Cardigan Corgi, "Garbo". I have mostly had Shelties, I admit. I love a good herding dog! I am owned by cats mostly, now, but love all animals.
    I hope you will come join me, too...McGuffy's Reader

  7. Purple is my favorite color! Your clematis is just beautiful! I'm sure my mail lady would love to see that around my mailbox instead of the wasp that keeps building a nest in my mailbox every year! lol If you corgi is the same size as my Jazz then I know they wouldn't fit even in the extra large mailboxes! hehehe

    Have a Great Day!

  8. Hi Sharon:
    What a gorgeous plant, and equally beautiful mailbox! Gosh...ours looks like a wreck compared to yours. I guess I'll have to add "clean mailbox" to my To Do List!

    Your corgi was an adorable pup and lovely *g'rup now. (*reference to "grown up" from Peter Pan)