June 12, 2011

It's Been A Wonderful Day!

Today I hosted with my daughter and her neighbor, a farewell party for friends who are moving at the end of the summer.

I tried the Fresh Strawberry Punch recipe and it was a delicious and everyone loved it.  I don't think I've told you before but I'm pretty well known around these parts for my Cold Oven Pound Cake (I'll post that recipe one day.)  We enjoyed pound cake with the punch, homemade chicken salad, ham biscuits, lemon bars, a fresh vegetable tray and an assortment of fresh fruit.  I used some of my favorite dishes and the table setting turned out so pretty! 

The couple we were honoring received some fantastic gifts and gift cards!  I made her a button bracelet and gave him a corgi mug with a tri-colored face on one side and a corgi butt on the other.  They have two adorable corgis, Abby and Piper.

We sure will miss  them but they'll only be about two hours away.  For me that's a nice day trip and an opportunity to shop some "junk stores" along the way.


  1. You have me intrigued with the cake recipe...please post soon! Sounds like a delicious table. What morsels did the pups enjoy? ; )


  2. Sounds like a fabulous menu for a lovely time. Yes, the cake recipe, please.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~

  3. I love setting the table and using all of my fancy dishes more than I love cooking! Sounds like you had a great time.


  4. Sounds like a lovely party Sharon! 2 hours isn't really that far away. We drive that far a lot in these parts of the woods just for fun! lol I can't believe there were that many corgi's living in one neighborhood! Hope the new neighbors are good ones!

    Have a Great Week!

  5. Sharon:
    Sounds like a wonderful way to say farewell to friends. I'm sure they appreciated your gesture. I hope you'll get to see them again from time to time.
    Blessings for the week.

  6. Indeed it looked like a wonderful day! I know your friends must have had a great time!
    xx, shell