June 30, 2011

Meet Miss Minerva and I Love Small Towns!

One of my favorite things to do is explore small towns!  Today I spent the day in Culpeper, Virginia, and want to share some pictures of things I saw.  One of my favorite shops was this tea shop and I fell in love with Miss Minerva having her afternoon tea at a sidewalk table.  She was so lifelike and just adorable.  I wanted to bring her home and put her in the garden with "Lily"!

This doll in the window display was the owner's when she was a child. (Sorry the building across the street reflected in the glass).
Clarke Hardware opened in Culpeper in 1909.  I met the couple who owns it today and enjoyed chatting with them.  They have a wonderful website that tells all about the history of the store, the hard-to-find items they carry today, and helpful garden tips.

Downtown was decorated for the holidays and the flowers were beautiful.  I commented several times on how spotless and well maintained the entire town was.

And last, my single purchase for the day was this tin J & P Coats caddy for storing some of my sewing accessories.  It's, of course, a reproduction but it is so cute.


  1. Miss Minerva would indeed make Lily a nice companion! Neat little town, oh, and I would live the sewing caddy - repro or not!

  2. thanks for taking us with you on these trips!

  3. Sharon:
    I want to spend a day playing with YOU! Hardware, tea and that fabulous caddy...Heaven!

    Monday is the big day! I'm so excited I can hardly sleep at night. The rest of the summer will surely be exciting, don't you think? ;-) I promise lots of pictures in Tuesday's post.

    Love and hugs to you and the girls.
    Donna and Kes

  4. You have the most wonderful adventures girlfriend! I can't believe how many great places you find!
    xx, shell