September 6, 2011

Stone Gable

One of the blogs that I read everyday is Stone Gable. Yvonne's post today is absolutely beautiful! I love the pictures and the verses and with her permission, I have copied a few of them.  I always find the greatest tutorials and recipes on this blog. 

When you have a minute, stop by and tell her I sent you.


  1. What a lovely, old-fashioned garden!

  2. Thank you so much for giving me this lovely shout-out today! I LOVe your header and background. All ready for Autumn I see!

  3. I also love her blog. She always has such great recipes.

    I came by to say thanks for the comment you left me about my bird dishes, on my repost at Chari's party.

    I am also a new follower and want to invite you to my Bunny Hop Party. It is for bloggers with less that 500 followers.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
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