November 20, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Depression Glass, "Iris" Pattern

The weather was beautiful this afternoon and I should have been raking leaves.  But since I retired, I'm not very self-disciplined so I headed to the flea market instead.  I justified going by telling myself that this might be the last weekend because the vendors don't sell when it's cold.  

I found this beautiful depression glass pitcher for $8.  I've seen it before but it was a lot more.  I think the vendor just wanted to move  some of his merchandise.

This adorable vintage apron was $2.  Of course, it didn't look like this when I bought it.  It's amazing how washing and ironing an item brings it to life.

And last I got these salt and pepper shakers.  The tops are silver but I haven't polished them yet.  I'll show you what I'm going to do with them later.


  1. How fun! The leaves will still be there tomorrow! Love all your treasures!

  2. Great finds. I would have chosen the flea market over housework any day!
    Happy Thanksgiving.