November 30, 2011

Lunch in Dolphin, VA

Terry, the shop owner and my friend, Kerry Jo

My friend invited me to go  today to a luncheon at an antique/consignment shop in Dolphin, VA.  Dolphin is about 90 miles south of Richmond. The delicious food was prepared by a local women's group.  This is annual event and is a lot of fun.

After shopping and lunch, we got to tour Terry's lovely home next door to her shop.  What a treat!

Tomorrow I need to do some housework! I've been having "too much fun" lately!


  1. Yes young lady you have been having lots and lots of fun I'd say! Well ok...I'm just jealous! hee,hee,hee.
    Looks like a fabulous time! Love your blog header too! Are those wonderful creations on your front porch?

  2. I'm glad you have been having to much fun!

  3. I would have enjoyed that luncheon and tour!

    Your header picture is adorable. Is the choir on your front porch? Who made them? I want some!!!

  4. The shop looks wonderful. Your friends home looks gorgeous.
    Hugs Maria