December 27, 2011

House Sitting

Today there's a very peaceful, gentle rain coming down and I love it!  I have two house sitting jobs this week and just got in from taking care of all the critters.   One house has three cats and one dog.  Caroline, the beagle, has gone to grandma's in NC with the family so I only have the cats to feed.


I was a little later than usual getting there this morning and got some dirty feline looks.  I think the caption for the above picture should be, "You're not here to take my picture!  Where's my Fancy Feast?"

Tony was watching me from the upstairs landing when I came in the front door.  I had a very brief conversation with him and headed to the kitchen.

This is Arthur.  He and I go way back!  My best friend is very dedicated cat rescue person.  She has helped organize and worked with a couple different organizations in the Richmond area.  It's been over ten years ago since she asked me to go with her to a "less desirable" neighborhood in the city to get several kittens living under a fallen down porch.  It wasn't easy, but we were able to catch three of them.  Arthur was one of the three and my neighbors adopted him.  Even through he was rescued when he was very small, he still has strong feral tendencies.  I hardly ever see him when I go to this house.  His appearance from under the bed this morning was rare and I had to snap this picture quickly!


  1. I think she was telling you off! sandie

  2. How nice of you to do this. That first cat is very good at dirty looks!