March 4, 2012

Hammered Aluminum

At least 15 years ago I started buying pieces of hammered aluminum thinking it would be more valuable in later years.  As far as I can see, that hasn't happened but I still enjoy the pieces I have.  This weekend I found a great polish for aluminum and cleaned up some of the pieces in my collection. 

This butter dish was reproduced by Southern Living Homes a few years ago and distributed at their home parties.  I found this napkin holder from the same pattern recently.

This is also the same pattern and holds a small casserole dish.

The above condiment dish is my favorite!  The design has fruit and dogwood flowers.

The following information was copied from the internet:

Most hammered aluminum pieces made their way into homes from the 1930s through the 1950s as wedding gifts. Colorful anodized aluminum wares were popular with homemakers through the ‘50s and early ‘60s.

- Popular names to look for on collectible hammered aluminum pieces are Arthur Armour, Continental Silver Company, Everlast, Buenilum, Rodney Kent and Pamer-Smith.

- The most valuable pieces of hammered aluminum are signed by the maker, and many have elaborate patterns stamped into the metal. Unusual shapes and vessels are also of interest to collectors.


  1. I so remember these creations. You have some beauties. One day this stuff will take off. We sold a lot of it as antique dealers.

    I hope you will pop by to help us bring 'angel love' for a young girl who is sick.

    Thank you.
    Have a beautiful week ~

  2. Your collection is lovely. I have some of my mothers hammered aluminum wedding presents. A couple of casseroles and a tray that looks like it night belong on a dresser or for carrying beverages. I should really use them, they still look very pretty.

  3. One day, the hammered aluminum will appear in a magazine article and then the prices will skyrocket, no doubt. In the meantime, keep on buying it, it is really interesting and would look lovely with any type of dinnerware.

  4. I've been collecting these pieces too! I love them! What was the cleaner you found?