March 24, 2012

Reblooming Lilac

Lilacs are one of my favorites and I thought I'd share this information I read in my new Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  I'll be looking for one of these this week!

Luscious Reblooming Lilac
    Enjoy lilac's heady fragrance in spring, and again from midsummer into fall with Bloomerang. This compact variety fits neatly in any garden as it grows just 4 to 5 feet tall and wide. It bears a heavy crop of lavender-purple flowers that are perfect for cutting.

     I also wanted to share this picture I took this week of my friend's cherry tree.  It was gorgeous! 


  1. I love this time of year, with all the fragrances in the air :)
    Beautiful cherry tree. Have a lovely Sunday!


  2. Never heard of a re-blooming lilac, sounds like a great idea, I love the smell of lilacs.

    Nicely shaped cherry tree, beautiful!

  3. Lilacs are one of my absolute favorites too. It would be great to get a repeat performance in the summer.

  4. Your friends tree is just beautiful Sharon! I think all the flowering trees are at their best this year. More so than any other year. I love the lilac bushes. Mine unfortunately is on the creek bank and finally has fallen in. It's just way too big to move and it doesn't flower for very long. It was here when we bought the farm 16 years ago so I'm sure it is really old.

    Have a Great Week!

  5. I miss the northern lilacs. They remind me of my childhood. Mum always had a few bushes in our yard. sigh The bouganvilleas and other tropical flowers here are beautiful, but nothing as smells as wonderful as the fragrance shared by those lilacs.
    Thanks for the memory, Sharon.