November 24, 2012

Guess Who Came To Dinner

Some of you might be thinking Sidney Poitier or Spencer Tracy from the 1967 movie with a similar name.  No, it was my 18 year old  cat, Tod.
Tod sleeps most of the time and isn't very active in his golden years.  Thursday when it was time for Thanksgiving dinner he decided to join us and perched himself in the extra chair  a few feet from the table.  After a few couple sad meows, my daughter pulled his chair up to the table.  He sat there like a real gentlemen and she fed him turkey in his chair.  We were impressed by his impeccable manners (not one elbow paw on the table).  
Last night I was heating  the leftovers for dinner and heard  loud meows.   I looked in the same corner and there he was in his chair  waiting to be served.  When we were all seated, I pulled his chair up to the table and shared my turkey.
We all love Tod!   He's is a very affectionate, gentle cat.   My family will always remember the Thanksgiving that he "came to dinner".


  1. How sweet. Tod obviously has a thing for turkey. Clever boy. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. What a cute story. He must really LOVE turkey!