December 9, 2012

Fun Friday!

My high school friend, Diane, and I spent this past Friday in historic downtown Fredericksburg, VA.  The first thing we saw when we parked our car on the street was this lovely face in one of the shop windows.

Every shop window was decorated beautifully for the holidays.  This ladybug bathtub was one of my favorites.
This was a sidewalk art display.

Fredericksburg has lots of historical sites and old buildings.  The brick building is a bed and breakfast.
This animated scene of a candy factory was in the window of a kitchen shop.
Our last stop was this beautiful tea room for tea and chocolate pie before we started the 45 minute trip back to my house.  It was a perfect day with a treasured friend!


  1. The tearoom looks fabulous. Glad you had a lovely day. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. A fun day like that topped off with tea and chocolate pie. PERFECT DAY!

  3. Thanks for sharing your day! xxoo Nancy