January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

I've spent most of today putting away my Christmas decorations. My house seems sparse and uninviting without all the color and twinkling lights.  

This past Sunday I had all of my extended family for a fun afternoon.  I thought you'd enjoy this picture of my crazy brother (no hair) and cousin (lots of hair) mingling with my carolers on the front porch.
This was a great holiday season for me.  I spent lots of time with my family just having fun.  Early in December my niece spent four days with me.  I spent three days in Williamsburg with friends around the middle of the month.  The Sunday before Christmas I went with my sister and her family on a train trip to New York City. We left on Sunday, saw the holiday show at RCMH that night and came back the next day.  It was a six hour ride to the city but the train was very clean and comfortable.  I can't wait to go back!
New Year's Eve was quiet at my house.  I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with one of my neighbors and then settled in with my corgi girls.  I tried to talk Miss Heidi into staying awake to watch the ball drop with me, but it didn't work!
My head is  full of thoughts about things I want to accomplish in this new year.  We'll see how that will work out for me. 
I hope you enjoyed your holiday and the corgi girls and I wish you a year of good health and fun adventures.


  1. Love your header pic. Glad you had a happy holiday. Happy New year and we hope 2014 is a good one for you. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Happy New Year, Sharon!
    Tag and I send love and best wishes to you and the girls.

  3. Sharon, it sounds like you had a wonderful holiday and being with family and friends is the best. Blessings to you this 2014. I know whatever your minds dreams of you can and will do it. What fun you will have.