February 24, 2014

Here's what is on my mind these days...

I'm counting the days until spring!   We only have about three and a half weeks left.  Yesterday when I was working in my yard, I noticed some of my daffodils have buds on them.  Snow showers are expected this week but daffodils seem able to withstand severe weather.

Over the weekend I made this arrangement for my front door.  I saw the idea online last year and loved it.  The clear umbrella was purchased online. I stuffed three bouquets of tulips and some silk ivy inside and added a plaid bow.  It was  quick and easy and not expensive if you get the flowers on sale.

I think I heard the high-pitched call of the spring peepers behind my house tonight.  I love that sound.  It seems early for them and I hope they can tolerate the cold weather we're going to have in the next few weeks.
spring peeper

Next week I want to introduce you to a new friend!  Be sure and stop by  the first of the week.


  1. Love the floral umbrella arrangement. How clever. Roll on Spring we say. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. My heart lightens with you early spring hopes. I hope I can remember to check back next week. Can't wait to hear what's new.

  3. What a cute spring door hanging, I love the clear umbrella! I hope spring comes soon for you and everyone else, what a horrid winter for so many! You asked about the fabric with the rose and bee on it. Actually I purchased it about 8 years ago, I loved it and bought about 10 yards....I am still using it and still loving it, but I am sure it is long out of print (Is that what you call fabric?)


  4. What a cute little peeper! And pretty umbrella bouquet on the door! We are supposedly getting a dusting of snow tonight, and then another foot of snow on the weekend. WHAT? It will be March by the weekend, won't it? Isn't spring supposed to be right around the corner?