July 17, 2014

Friends and Flowers

Yesterday I visited one of my favorite couples who have been my friends for many  years.  These two have always inspired me with their loving spirit and generosity to their family and friends. They've been married for over fifty years and seem to be more in love as time goes by.

Below are pictures I took of their lovely yard and garden.

I have to share this funny story with you..  One of my blog friends who lives near Staunton, VA, sent me some "Heirloom Zinnia Seeds" she bought from a lady at her church.  I shared them with this friend and hers are gorgeous.  Mine didn't even come up.  My green thumb just isn't working.

After years of fighting with the squirrels eating their tomatoes, they finally won the battle.  They built a wire house that keeps the squirrels away from the plants!   

The wire side walls are great for the climbing cucumbers planted on the outside.


Last but not least, their beautiful grand dog, Holly!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I'm taking a short road trip to visit my sister and we'll be looking for "treasures".


  1. What a lovely garden! Wish mine was that pretty and that big!

  2. Thanks for the compliments....your pictures turned out good!

  3. Hope you're having a lovely birthday weekend, Sharon! Wishing you many more happy years, my friend. Hugs to The Girls from us, too.
    Donna and Tag