December 20, 2010

Draft Horses

When I visited my friend last week to help her with her dollhouse, we took pictures at her neighbor's farm of her draft horses.  Draft horses are known for there tall stature and extremely muscular build.  They are bred to be work horses.  All of them were so beautiful and didn't seem to mind having their pictures taken.
This is Soldier and he is part Clydesdale.

Dixie is a shire from England

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  1. Hi Sharon! Thanks for stopping by my blog. What gorgeous photos of the horses and barn. And I just love your snowman spare parts boutqiue! How clever! And oh my goodness - your friend's diner! You two are just so creative! Your Corgis look just adorable out in the yard with their "computerized" Santa hats! haha Have a wonderful week!... Donna