April 3, 2011

Bear Town Bears

This week I am visiting New Bern, NC, with a friend.  What a beautiful city!  Soon after we got here today, we discovered The Bear Town Bears (the word Bern is German for Bear).

The bears are hand-painted, made of fiberglass, designed and decorated by New Bern artists and located throughout the area as a public art project.

The symbol of Bern, Switzerland (New Bern's namesake and mother city) is a black bear, which New Bern also adopted as its symbol.  There are 50 decorated bears on display throughout the city today  in celebration of New Bern's 300th anniverary.

"Harvest Bear"

"Bearer of Rights"

"Mama Bear"

"Dr. Bender Bear"
"Future Bear"

"Bubble Garden Bear"      

"Bearon de Graffenried"

"Sleepy Bear"   

"Brier Bear" (named after their country club)


  1. Cool place! That had to be a lot of fun finding them all!

  2. Hi Sharon:
    New Bern is the home of my dear blog friend, Shell May of The Raspberry Rabbits. Don't know if you've ever followed or read her blog, but she's a great gal. If you know her or read her blog, you should give her a jingle.
    Have a ball while you're in town. Wish I were there, too, and we could have a real bloggers celebration!