April 5, 2011

Swansboro, NC

A dear blogging friend suggested that we might enjoy the small shops in Swansboro while we're in this area.   Swansboro is a small waterfront town located at the mouth of the White Oak River, where the river joins the Atlantic.  The weather today wasn't great for picture taking but I have a few.

One of the most interesting things about Swansboro was the muscovy ducks walking on the sidewalks.  One of the shop owners told me that the ducks were brought over on a ship in the 1700's.  

We had lunch in an adorable 50's restaurant that was full of Elvis, Marilyn, etc. memorabilia.
The sun came out this afternoon and we enjoyed Morehead City and Beaufort, NC.

Last but not least, I was so excited to find "Pearl" at a consignment store this afternoon for $5.  She's going to be a great addition to my Susan Paley lady vase collection!


  1. Oh how wonderful to have muscovies in town. I bet it is so quaint. Love that vase too :) Enjoy your time in North Carolina!!

  2. Hi Sharon:
    When we first moved into our neighborhood, people down the block had muscovy ducks. A little odd looking, but I really like ducks. Fezzik has been teasing for a couple, but Handsome responds with a firm "no!". lol
    Nice to see you're enjoying the sights and sounds. Keep the pictures comin', girlfriend!