May 3, 2011

Great Friends!

I had dinner with the most wonderful friend earlier this week.  We laughed so much! We went over every detail of the royal wedding and talked about all the movies we want to see.   She brought me this adorable straw hat and always brings me PF gingerman cookies.  I am so thankful for my  friends!

Speaking of friends, I don't think you've met this guy.  He's the man of my house!  When he was a kitten, his ears where so big he looked like a fox so I named him Tod after the little fox in the Disney movie, The Fox and the Hound.  In this picture he's perched on top of clothes  I took out of the dryer.   He's 16 now and slowing down a bit but still such a sweet cat.  No matter were I go, he's right behind me. 


  1. There's nothing like getting together with friends, and that hat is better than some I saw at the royal wedding!! :-)

    Our very first Golden Retriever was named 'Tod' after The Fox & the Hound too! He would have been 15 this year...Fun coincidence! :-))

  2. Todd looks like the man of the house, 16...Wow!


  3. Your kitty so so cute! My mom had an outdoor cat that lived to be 21! I wish your kitty many more good years ahead!

    What a beautiful hat! I'm glad you got to spend some time with your friend!

    Have a Great Day!

  4. What a handsome cat Todd is! Give him a hug for me! LOVE your button design!! Great job! Looks like your pup in the mailbox photograph!