September 19, 2011

A Great Day with New Friends!

Arabelle, Tag, and Donna

Arabelle and I recently had the pleasure of spending the day with Donna from the blog, Brynwood Needleworks, and her precious corgi puppy, Tag.  Donna and her husband are from Sarasota, FL, and were in Williamsburg on a business trip.  Tag was just bursting with energy and personality and obviously wanted to make sure that Arabelle enjoyed her visit.  

We decided it would be fun to take the two corgis for a walk down the Duke of Gloucester Street in the restored area of Williamsburg.  It was such a beautiful day and the weather was perfect.  There were lots of families, school groups and dogs for them to interact with and they did!  

They're watching two huge German Shepherds walking down the street.
 They did not miss anything!
By the middle of the afternoon,  all four of us were tired and ready to stop for lunch.  Donna and I enjoyed eating at the Chickahominy House Restaurant while the corgis napped in the car in their crates.

Donna is such a warm person and so much fun!  We just didn't have enough time to talk about all the interests we share.  I'm hoping we'll have an opportunity to meet in Williamsburg again next summer, if not before.


  1. How wonderful to meet some friends! The dogs seem to have behaved like they were raised together! They are such sweet dogs!

    I love your pictures - all warmth!

  2. Hi Girlfriend!
    It sure was a fun day, wasn't it? I'm so glad that you could make the time to come down with Arabelle, and I, too, hope we can do it again. 'Til then, I'm sure we'll keep in touch and get to know each other even better. We have so much in common that it's just natural for us to become the best of friends!
    Love and hugs,
    Donna and Tag

  3. What a fun day!! I wish my dogs were more social. I could stand to be a little more social myself
    : )

  4. That sure did sound like a great visit you two had! I hope she gets to visit again real soon! I'm sure everyone enjoyed seeing the corgis' on parade!


  5. Like I posted on Donna's blog. Waaaaaaaaaaa, cry, stomp foot and bellyache that I couldn't be there too!
    xx, shell

  6. Hello, I am visiting from Tag's blog and Miss Donna of course. Your Fall banner is beautiful. I enjoyed reading about Arabelle and Tag's adventures.

  7. I am so glad the two of you had such a nice day with your sweet dogs. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Twyla

  8. Love the bird's nest and button bracelet that Donna posted on her website

  9. Hi, Sharon. What great photos of the dogs in Williamsburg.
    They are a beautiful breed.
    Warm Regards,

  10. What sweet pups! I love the look of your blog.......so festive for fall! By the way, your pumpkins are just wonderful! You make them better than I can grow them! blessings,Kathleen

  11. I love Williamsburg, and what a great place to go than with your pups and a friend! I met a 'blogger' from Australia this week too who was visiting her sister in Leesburg, it really was great fun to put a face on the blog! :-)