December 13, 2011

Just Add Snow

I built  this 1" scale shop from a kit last year and my good friend at the miniature shop did the brick siding and the electricity.  I had so much fun making all the "parts".  There's limbs for arms, carrots for noses, coal for eyes, top hats and corncob pipes.

Extra items are stored in the loft.

The shopkeeper is watching for customers from the loft window.

This snow lady is considering buying a fancy hat.
There's an assortment of different size arms.


  1. I can't believe how much I love this!

  2. It is just too cute Sharon! It won't be much longer before we'll be building real snowmen in our front yards!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. That's a really fun idea! Does it have a large refrigeration unit in the back to keep it all nice and cool? ;) I was having fun thinking of what else the shop could carry...a knitwear collection (with special scarves and hats from Norway) a small collection of pipes and of course brooms! And some cool drinks for the customers.... Love the shop and the yard!

  4. Sharon you have two beautiful blogs~!

    Your Christmas decorating is wonderful. I have always desperately wanted to build my own miniature house and store. I need to find out where I can persue this here in South Africa.

    A happy Winter Season to you
    warm regards

  5. What a beautiful blog. I am so glad that you invited me to stop by. Your "shop" is charming! Who can resist miniatures, especially when they're so full of whimsy?

  6. Oh, Can I come and live with you? I love everything you have around you and this miniature is just wonderful.

  7. Pero que maravilla, seguro que sera un preciosa Navidad, es perfecta.
    besitos ascension

  8. Fantastic Sharon! Oh my gosh is this ever so cute!