January 26, 2012

Trip to the Bay

Miss Arabelle and I spent  last night with my niece, Wendy, who lives on the Chesapeake Bay. I grew up in the small town where she lives and it's always fun to visit there.  Wendy is working on things for her Etsy Shop (Chesapeake Bay Bliss) and has made some beautiful nautical items and jewelry.  Several years ago she owned a florist and is very artistic.  Check out her shop when you have a minute.

While we were there, we visited with one of my friends who breeds Golden Retrievers.  This is the cutest picture of mom and all her little ones.

It's such a short drive (1 1/2 hours) to visit with my family in that area and I decided today I need to do it more often!

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  1. O.M.Goodness, Ms. Arabelle is so BEAUTIFUL!!! I adore Corgis, and am owned by wienie dogs. LOL The photo of the momma and her babies is adorable. :) I have a sister that lives in Hopewell, VA. :)