May 21, 2012

Flea Market Find!

Saturday my niece and I were at the local flea market and I saw this cabinet from across the parking lot.  It was beautiful!  Even though I figured it would be more than I could spend and I had nowhere to put it, I couldn't wait to talk to the vendor!

The vendor shared what she knew about the history of this cabinet.  The original owner commissioned a local artist to paint the door panels with items that were significant to her family.  The postmark on the letter reads "1992 - Richmond, VA."  I asked her about the price and she said $50!  After recovering from the shock of such a bargain, I bought it. 

It was obviously damaged when it was moved because there are a few cracks that need fixing.  It was quite dirty and smudged.  With the help of  Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, it cleaned up beautifully.

I removed a corner cabinet from my family room and the new piece looks beautiful in there!


  1. That is a lovely piece! And what a bargain!

  2. First, thank you so much for your kind words on Angel's passing. I appreciate your friendship so much.
    Then I am wondering if you know what happened to Sharon in Tennessee? Have you heard from her since she closed her blog? I miss her and worry about her.
    That is a gorgeous cabinet! What a find, I know you will enjoy it.
    Finally, I just noticed the smiles on your corgis' faces. Just like my Samson. Isn't it interesting how some dogs smile and others don't? Never thought about that before. They are adorable.

  3. Hi Sharon,
    Cool cabinet! Great place to store more treasures.
    LOVE your flowers! Mine aren't doing so well this year. Not sure why, maybe because our winter hasn't "hard" and didn't last long.

  4. How exciting to get something so neat at a great price : )

  5. What a great find, Sharon! Lucky girl to have purchased it for a song, too! ;-)

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

    Hugs to you and the girls,
    Donna and Tag ^..^

  6. What a great find and such a good price!