November 4, 2014

Belated Halloween Greetings!

Each year I feature on my blog my handsome grand cat in his Halloween costume.   Unfortunately, this year, he refused to cooperate for the photo shoot so the quality of the photos is questionable.   

He's definitely a sweet monkey with or without his costume!

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of a small dressing table that I was working on for my shop space.  I was fortunate to find this cute little stool to sell with it.

The dresser set sold to a mom for her four year old daughter.  It makes me smile to think of a cute little one enjoying it.

My shop manikin "Izzy" was all decked out for the Halloween.  I try to change her outfit each month for the next holiday.  It's fun shopping for her clothes.

This has been a beautiful fall!  The weather has been unseasonably warm in Central Virginia.   I've been able to cruise around with the top down almost everyday.

Next week I'll be marking one more thing off my "bucket list". Monday I am flying to Key West with a longtime friend.  We are meeting her daughter there for the week.  I am getting so excited!  I love flying and haven't flown in several years. 

I'll have lots of pictures and stories to share with you in a couple weeks.


  1. Hope you had a lovely Halloween. We had the warmest one on record but sadly the temperature is starting to drop now. Love the dressing table set and we are sure there is one happy little girl sitting at it. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We had a very warm Halloween which brought out record numbers of little ghosts and witches. Your cat looks to be excited with joining in
    :-) Have a great week