October 30, 2011

Vintage Shirtwaist Dresses

Saturday's yard sale was somewhat successful in spite of the cold temperatures and heavy rains.  I was able to sell a lot of dollhouse items that I have accumulated over the years.  My neighbor and I enjoyed our time together and our families met for lunch at the end of the sale.  

After everything was put away from the yard sale, my friend and I went to an estate sale near my house. All items were priced very reasonably.  There was one closet full of shirtwaist dresses probably from the 60's.  At twenty five cents each, I picked out eight.  Lily will have a whole new wardrobe for next summer!

This dress is made of heavy polyester and reminds me of Jackie Kennedy.

I can see Lucy wearing these teal and white polka dots on "I Love Lucy"!

This reminds me of dresses the ladies wore to my little country church when I was a child.

All of the dresses were Made In U.S.A.!  Yah!  

I also found this cute little train case for $5.  I know it's very old.

October 29, 2011

A Local Story with a Happy Ending!

Many of you may have seen the news story this week about the  autistic child (9) who wandered away from his parents last Sunday afternoon in a battlefield park.  I live in the same county about 15 miles from where he was missing for 5 days. 

Hundreds of volunteers searched for him everyday and he was finally found Friday afternoon. The temperatures were pretty mild early in the week but Friday night it became much colder  with  heavy rains.  Everyone is so thankful that he was found Friday afternoon!   This report was  posted by our local police department on Facebook Sunday night:

Update on how Robert was found

by Hanover County Sheriff's Office on Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 10:08pm
When Robert was found he was wearing all of his clothes with the exception of his shoes.  They were found nearby.  He was lying in a damp creek bed.  The citizen that found him was not part of an organized search, but like the many that did assist in the search, he felt compelled to do what he could.  After obtaining permission to park his car from a resident on Verdon Road, he started to search the woods on west side of the quarry property.   Upon finding Robert, he placed a stocking cap on Robert’s head, gloves on his hands, wrapped him in a coat, gave him water to drink, and then called 911.

I have spoken at length with the gentlemen that found Robert.  He does not wish for his name to be released.  He simply offered the following statement:

“I was guided by the holy spirit, to take any recognition for finding Robert would take credit away from God.”

Each day as the sun went down, everyone felt sad that he would spend another night out in the elements. Friday night was joyful because we could all go to bed knowing that he was safe and warm. The media is reporting that he will be hospitalized for several days but he is doing very well.

October 28, 2011

Have a Frightful Weekend!

Michaele at  Sprout 'N' Wings Farm  has her precious goats all decked out for Halloween.  This one seems happy about her festive new look!

I love their sweet faces!

I'll be up early Saturday morning for a yard sale my neighbor and I are having.  When I placed the ad the first of the week the weather forecast was not calling for heavy rains. There's a ninety percent chance as of tonight with clearing in the early afternoon. What was I thinking when I advertised "rain or shine"?  I have a wide porch across the front of my house and my tables are set up and ready to go.  I just hope someone shows up!

October 26, 2011

Apple Picking Day

Today was a beautiful day to pick apples  with several friends and their children at Carter Mountain Orchard.  I love this mountaintop orchard and have been going there since my children were small.

This tree makes me think of a giant wreath.  The apples were beautiful!  If you didn't want to pick your own, you could buy them at a higher price already picked.

Notice the tiny honeybee.  He/she is so important in making all this happen!

The big red barn at the orchard has a snack bar and a gift shop.  We bought some raspberry wine.

I have to share this with you.  I told my friend when we were picking apples  not to touch a vine that was growing around the tree trunk because it may be poison ivy.  Her reply was, "it's not poison ivy, it's a plant called "Virginia Creeper".   The funny part of this story is that I am a "native Virginian" and she is from South Africa!

It was  hazy but this is the view of Charlottesville from  the orchard.  

There are beautiful vineyards on the property also.

October 24, 2011

Flea Market Finds

This past Saturday was such a beautiful fall day!  I started out early for my weekly flea market adventure.  I always stop at McDonald's for a sausage McMuffin off the $1 menu and a senior coffee.  (It doesn't take much to make me happy!)

I spent a little over $10 and you won't believe what I bought!  I got this very dirty,  worn out box and it's contents for $6.  The treasures inside were dirty too but a little warm water and Dawn took care of that.

I unwrapped this beautiful small tea set.  Only one saucer was missing.  I think the four square pieces are ash trays.

I was so excited as I unwrapped all the dusty pieces.

The only piece that was chipped was the rosebud cup above.


My favorites are these six tiny cups and saucers.  All pieces were marked "made in Japan" on the bottom.

This wonderful wicker magazine basket was $3.  A coat of spray paint will give it new life.

This was $1.  I'm thinking it would be a great Halloween decoration painted black.

This cross stitch of nutcrackers was 25 cents.  It's big enough to make a pillow but I think I'll frame it as a picture.  The person who stitched it did a beautiful job!

October 21, 2011

Falling Leaves

Earlier this week I had an email from a friend in California.  About once a month, she and I exchange info on the latest books we've read or movies we've seen.  She just finished reading Falling Leaves by Adeline Yeh Mah who is a Chinese American author and physician who lives in California.  I picked up a copy at the library this afternoon and started reading it tonight.  Below is a review I copied from Amazon:

In 1937, Adeline Yen Mah's mother died giving birth to her. Because of this, she was considered "bad luck", tormented by her siblings and shunned by her father. Her father soon remarried a beautiful, young Eurasian woman who was cruel and manipulative. She treated all five of her stepchildren badly, but saved her real hatred for Adeline. Falling Leaves is the powerful, riveting memoir of emotional abuse and isolation that Ms Yen Mah suffered at the hands of her stepmother. At this point, most would say, "Why would I want to torture myself by reading a book about child abuse?" The answer is simple...Adeline Yen Mah didn't just survive her childhood, she triumphed. With great wisdom and insight, she tells a story not just about her life, but the life of China, before and after the cultural revolution and how both were changed forever. Despite her miserable childhood, she excelled, became a doctor, married and found freedom and a new life in America. This is an amazing, compelling story, told by an amazing woman who was not only able to put the past behind her, but was able to celebrate life and move forward.

I have always been fascinated by the Chinese culture. In my earlier years, I read The Good Earth and several other books by author, Pearl Buck.  I think after I finish reading Falling Leaves, I will reread some of her books.

October 20, 2011

Brown Bag Cookie Molds

Brown Bag Cookie Molds were first produced by Lucy Natkiel in her basement workshop in 1983.  Over 300 different ceramic molds were made before they were all retired in 2005.  Today they are highly collectible.

I got my Halloween cookie molds out today.  I love the cat!  I'd like to find one more Halloween mold.


October 18, 2011

Halloween in the Dollhouse

I decorated the dollhouse today for Halloween.   This cute little chair is sitting by the front door along with a jack-o-lantern and a trick or treat bag.

A tiny witch landed on one of the outside light fixtures.  I hope she can find a way to get down.

In the kitchen, these ghost cookies just came out of the oven.

Corgis always sniff out goodies and hope that someone will drop a tiny piece.

Lots of sweets and a pumpkin pie!

And while I was decorating, this was going on in the upstairs hallway.   Actually, this goes on in my real house everyday!

October 14, 2011

"Lily, Is That You"?

I had an early trick-or-treater today and it didn't take long to figure out where I had seen her before.  It was Lily, the garden lady all dressed up as a witch.  She's a nice witch, of course.

The parking restrictions don't apply to her, she's part of the family!

Wouldn't you expect Lily to make a fashion statement with her trick-or-treat bag?

It's Friday Again!

Enjoy your weekend hanging out with friends and taking long naps!

October 11, 2011

I Love October!

October is one of my favorite months! 

I enjoy decorating for Halloween!  This "pear head" lady made of resin stands on my china cabinet in my breakfast room.  I love her colors!

I saw these wire "ghost dresses" posted on Facebook recently!  Maybe next year I'll try making them.  What a clever idea!

The vibrant colors of the leaves are so beautiful! 

I look forward to  getting my flannel pajamas out of storage and those "three dog nights".  Did you ever wonder where that saying originated?  I have read that it started with sled drivers in the Arctic.  They measured the coldness of the night by the number of dogs they had to bring in their igloos to keep them warm.