June 30, 2014

Tennessee Vacation

I spent last week vacationing in Nashville, TN.  It was my first visit to this beautiful city and I loved it.  If you ever want to experience true "southern hospitality" this is the place to go.  Every person we encountered was helpful, friendly and welcoming!
The highlight of my week was stopping by to visit Jeri Landers from Hopalong Hollow Gazette blog on the way home.  After having lunch on her porch, she showed us around her country gardens and introduced us to all her farm critters.  Everything about her home and gardens looks like pictures in a magazine.

Peahen and her baby

Jeri is giving everyone an "afternoon snack"

Vacations are always fun, but I must admit that coming home to see my corgi girls and their feline sister was great.  Being away for several days makes you appreciate your home and surroundings when you return!