March 9, 2014


Last weekend I met an elderly gentleman at the flea market who has been collecting buttons for many years.  I fell in love with a tray of rhinestone buttons and was able  to negotiate a price that I felt was reasonable for both of us. 

If any one has suggestions for a good resource to learn more about my new collection or a way to display them, please comment.

March 1, 2014


Last week I mentioned that I'd be introducing a new friend soon. I am a member of a Facebook group called Pem Pals and have met some wonderful corgi lovers all over the world.  One of these friends lives in Pennsylvania.  I've been following this sweet story for a couple weeks and have been so touched by Jenifer's love for this little guy.  I think you will be too!


The following was written by his new mom, Jenifer:

Our first corgi, Cowboy, went to the bridge in January. I wanted to wait to get another dog, but my husband wanted to get one sooner rather than later. My friend  was having an online auction for Horizon Animal Heroes, the rescue that had Lucas, and that is where I saw a picture of him. At first I didn't even consider trying to adopt him because I wasn't sure I was ready and he was in Oklahoma. Then I thought, why not, people have dogs transported all the time, we can give him a great home and even though I wanted to wait I was really lonely being at home by myself all day long. I emailed the rescue and they said they would do an out of state adoption and before I knew it I was trying to figure out how to get Lucas to us. I filled out an application with one transport company and it was accepted, but then it was a waiting game to see if and when anyone would be available to take him. In the mean time I happened to see a "sponsored" post on FB for a transport company. I called them up on Sunday night and the following Thursday Lucas was on his long 1200+ mile journey home! I was nervous about getting a dog that I had never met, but there is an 8 year old boy, Michael, who helps out at the rescue and he had played with Lucas so I knew he would be okay with my two girls. Lucas was found as a stray with a leg that had been broken and it was not able to be fixed so he had to have it amputated. 

Lucas with his beautiful new sisters!

He arrived last Sunday and  looks so happy with his new family. What a sweet boy!  If you would like to follow his progress, he has his own Facebook page (search for Lucas).