October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Every year I share with you my handsome grandcat in his Halloween costume.  He doesn't look pleased about the photo session this year!  Maybe he just doesn't like being a spider.



October 29, 2012

"Fall in Love With Buttons" Swap

I recently participated in a button swap sponsored by the Button Floozies blog.  We each had to cover an Altoid mints tin and fill it with at least 40 buttons.  I received my box last week and want to share pictures with you.  My partner, Lynette, lives in Texas and is a retired elementary school art teacher.  When I opened my package I could see her artistic talent!


Lynette gave me some ideas on how I could improve my box the next time I participate.  Using buttons as little feet is such a great idea.

I placed my box on my desk next to my bed and look at it often.  Thanks, Lynette!

October 23, 2012

Arabelle's New Home

Several of you have asked and I can finally post about Arabelle's new family.  About six weeks ago, Arabelle went to live with friends who have a male corgi named Jenkins. Jenkins is actually  brother to one of my other corgi girls.  The first week she was gone was very hard!  I was reminded of her pretty little face by so many things.   However, there was no question that I made the right decision.  My other two corgi girls are so much happier and she's loving her new family. 
Yesterday her new mom called to ask if I would like to keep her for a few days while they go out of town in November.  I couldn't possibly say no. I'm so excited!   I'm planning fun things for just the two of us when she's here.  We'll definitely be going to visit my neice at the bay so she can ride in the golf cart.  

October 14, 2012

Larkin Desks

In my search for "treasures" this past weekend I found this beautiful desk.   The tag was marked "Larkin desk".  I bought it for my bedroom and couldn't wait  to do a Google search for its history.
They were built in the late 1800's as premium gifts from the Sweet Home Soap company which was owned by John Larkin.  Housewives sold the soap to their neighbors and friends and were rewarded with certificates that they could redeem for a beautiful oak desk.  Most of the desks are larger than mine and have oval mirrors at the top.

I see Larkin desks frequently in antique shops.  You can identify them by the beautiful oak wood and ornate trim.  Because there are so many available, they are not terribly expensive.

October 11, 2012

One Last Look at My Summer Flowers

It's pretty hard to take a picture at my house without a corgi in it!
Temperatures will be dropping at night this weekend so I wanted to share these last pictures of my summer flowers with you before they are gone.


Every year I buy a $12 fern at Home Depot and just drop it down in this planter.  I haven't fertilized it at all and it is huge.  Sure wish I had someplace to keep it over the winter.

The fairy garden has grown a lot this summer.  Of course, there's a corgi in it too!
In the past, I haven't had good luck with New Guinea impatiens but these have thrived.  They get morning sun which must be perfect for them.

My Christmas cactus is full of blooms and I'll be bringing it inside in the next few days.
I'll headed to my sister's for the weekend.  We'll be looking for treasures that I can fix up and put in my shop space.  Hope you have a great weekend!

October 5, 2012

A Beautiful October Day!


I love the month of October!  The leaves are just starting to turn in central Virginia. The lower temperatures and crisp evenings are just my kind of weather.
My high school friend, Diane,  and I enjoyed lunch and browsing at the Gather in Midlothian, VA., today.  It is an art studio and gift shop for work of local artisans.  Located in the Hallsboro Store that was built in 1854, the building is fully restored and beautiful.

 I'm so excited!  My friend and I usually get together three or four times a year but now that she's working four days a week, we've decided to plan something for the second Friday of each month.  We always have so much fun! 
The Nehi sodas were definitely a trip down "memory lane"!
Diane is so beautiful and looks exactly like she did when we graduated in 1968.  I wish I could say the same!
If you'd like to read more about the Gather, check out this link.