May 30, 2014

Train Trip to NYC!

On Memorial Day a friend and I traveled to New York City on the train.  For the next three days we walked for miles and saw  many of the city's beautiful landmarks.  

Our ride through Central Park in the late afternoon was my favorite.  

This part of the park was donated by J. Lennon's wife after he was killed.

Lennon's apartment building is right outside the park and his wife still lives there.

Another highlight was this trading company where they sold buttons, antique trims, cards, banners, and hundreds of vintage and new ribbons.

I love this beautiful city and can't wait to go back!

May 24, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

I had a serious scare this week when Heidi ate fertilizer that I put around my hollies.  I won't go into unpleasant details but she was ill and spent a day at the vet's office.  Heidi will eat anything, a natural corgi trait, I'm afraid.  Please be careful if you are working in your yard this weekend and are using chemicals. This pic was taken today and she is fully recovered, I hope.

Now for some pictures I took in my yard this morning.  It is a beautiful day in central Virginia!

There is a party going on in my gnome garden on the front porch...

Miss Lilly, my garden lady

This is a gnome garden I made for my daughter in a mini wagon.

And last, but not least, is this beautiful feather I found in the front yard when I was taking pictures.  I think it is from an owl who lives in the wooded area behind my house.

Have a safe and fun holiday!