July 29, 2014

Guest Post Today: In Search of The Faeries of Breezy Hill...

One of my favorite blogs is Brynwood Needleworks and I never miss Tuesdays with Tag.  Tag is Donna's very handsome fairy steed corgi.  I met Tag when he was a puppy and he was quite a charmer even then.  With Donna's permission, I have reposted from her blog today.

 Hi, Everybody!!!
I'm so excited. I finally get to tell you about my biggest adventure 
 since comin' to the Wisconsin campground. There's magic afoot here!

 You might remember that I've been spendin' as much time as I can with
these two young ladies. (They're my our granddaughters.) When last I
saw them, The Little Redhead said, "Did you know that I adore you?"

 Me? Can you believe that she adores me???
You do know that I'll take all the adoration I can get. Non-stop.

Well, these adorin' grandchildren shared a book with me recently.
 It's called "How To Find Flower Fairies".
(I prefer the Ancient Corgish spelling, "Faeries" myself.)
 Inside its pages are lots of pop-ups and flaps...and so much information
that children should know about locatin' Faeries. They could be Treetop or
Forest Faeries or Meadow Faeries, or Faeries from many other places. 
They're actually all around us, if we just take the time to look for them.

Now, while youngsters might need special teachin', this is a talent 
that has always come naturally to their magical Faerie steeds, the Corgis.

I suggested that Mom bring along her camera for a day in the campground
because I had noticed that there were very unique Faerie formations here.
 This is the first location that caught my attention. I had to check it out. It's
 actually in the tree that has our number marker for our campsight, and I
 seem to remember ancient lore regarding Faerie affinity for locations with
 ready-made addresses. (That way they can send Faerie dust to each other.)
 You'll notice that there are hidden spaces behind this front facade. I think
it's a doorway. I could smell that there had been Faeries here recently. 

Maybe this is where Faeries gather for their weekly or monthly 
councils to plan rabbit trainin' schedules or perhaps who will be feedin' 
the birds for the upcoming moon cycles? It's been a long while since any 
Corgi has attended any such meetin' so I can only imagine these things.
 I did notice a gnome rootin' around the base of one of the trees.
He seemed like a friendly enough sort, but he was all tight-lipped when
 I approached him on the subject of local Faeries. He just smiled and
sent me on my way. (Gnomes are just harmless troublemakers anyhow.)
 I happened upon a baby rabbit, too. Man, I wanted to chase him somethin'
fierce, but I kept my cool and turned my thoughts to more pressin' matters.
I did make a note of his whereabouts for future reference, though.
 Sometimes, you just have to get real quiet and move into "stealth mode".
(Can you see me? Right. I didn't think so.)

Faeries have very sensitive hearin', but so do Corgis. We don't miss
much, unless it's on purpose, of course. Then we can be deaf as
doornails! (It's called "selective hearing" in some circles.)
 Heh, heh. Here I am. No time to goof off. Gotta keep my nose
down because I'm gettin' all itchy. My "Faerie sense" is kickin' in.
 Oh, boy! Look what I found.
A tiny warren of enchanted baby bunnies!!! They froze up when they saw 
me and didn't move a muscle. Obviously, they weren't any help either.
 What's this?
"Hey, Mom. Check this out. I think we just missed 'em."
 I found evidence of a Faerie, obviously a hard worker, too.
This one has been collectin' acorns and clover blossoms.

Did you know that if you pull apart a clover blossom and suck on the ends
 of the flower closest to the bud, it's sweet and syrupy? Yup. I'm not kiddin'.
Mom used to do it when she was a kid. She knew Faerie secrets way back then!

I just bet this Faerie is collectin' clovers to make a natural sweetener for
 their chicory or dandelion teas. They might even drink lemon grass tea! I
wonder what he or she is gonna put in that empty bucket. What do you think?

One thing I was sure of though...we're gettin' real close to findin' a Faerie.
 Then, I turned around to the next tree and look what I found. Tucked into a
soft bed of moss and grasses - and hidden in the shade of flowerin' air plants - 
I sneaked upon the sweetest, teeny, tiny sleepin' face. I nearly missed it!
Shhhhhhh. Be very quiet. 
We don't want to disturb this little one. It's a Faerie baby!
 The baby was restin' on a pillow of clovers with a headboard of weathered 
oak leaves. The Faeries left a Lady Bug to guard the little one while they work.

Lady Bugs are very vigilant and, in case of danger, they fly away to alert the
 Faeries to return quickly. I bet you didn't know they make the best of nannies.

She knew that I would neither wake the child, nor harm it, so we were able
to sit and admire her precious charge for a little while and then quietly leave.
 So, there you have my very special story this week of my adventures
in search of the "Faeries of Breezy Hill". If you keep your eyes open, you
 can see their little lanterns twinkle in the moonlight just like lightning bugs!
We'll return again next year to continue our search. I'm sure the Lady Bug 
will tell the Faeries that I was gentle and respectful this year. Perhaps the 
next time I'm here, they'll come out to visit with me. I'm sure hopin' so. 
Maybe, I''ll even be allowed to act as their trusted steed one full, moonlit
night, just like the Corgis of ancient days. That would be an honor, indeed.
We're leavin' Wisconsin tomorrow to start back home. Next week, I'll
tell you how our trip went and then settle back into my regular routine.
I know. Lyin' around, swimmin' and chasin' lizards isn't exactly glamorous,
but it's the life I love and I'm anxious to get back to it. 'til next week...
"Wag Like Ya Mean It!"

July 23, 2014

Mid-Life Crisis at 64

Until  a month ago I was driving a 1999 SUV that I planned to keep forever.  Cars haven't really been a priority in my life but I think that's changed.   My neighbor spotted  this beautiful convertible on a dealer lot on her way to work and insisted that we check it out.  I mentioned to her some time ago that I had always wanted a convertible.  

Well, you'll find me cruising  with the top down, wearing my favorite straw hat and pumping up my music these days.  My new license plates read LV CRGIS.    So much fun!

I celebrated my 64th birthday last week and it's time to start working on  my "bucket list".

July 17, 2014

Friends and Flowers

Yesterday I visited one of my favorite couples who have been my friends for many  years.  These two have always inspired me with their loving spirit and generosity to their family and friends. They've been married for over fifty years and seem to be more in love as time goes by.

Below are pictures I took of their lovely yard and garden.

I have to share this funny story with you..  One of my blog friends who lives near Staunton, VA, sent me some "Heirloom Zinnia Seeds" she bought from a lady at her church.  I shared them with this friend and hers are gorgeous.  Mine didn't even come up.  My green thumb just isn't working.

After years of fighting with the squirrels eating their tomatoes, they finally won the battle.  They built a wire house that keeps the squirrels away from the plants!   

The wire side walls are great for the climbing cucumbers planted on the outside.


Last but not least, their beautiful grand dog, Holly!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I'm taking a short road trip to visit my sister and we'll be looking for "treasures".

July 7, 2014


I have always loved birdhouses, nests and anything to do with birds.  My favorite season is spring and I get so excited when I have nests and baby birds in my yard.    Over the years I've collected several houses inside and outside my home.  The one above is my favorite and I keep it under the cover of my front porch to preserve it.

My wonderful neighbor gave me this one with the star opening.  She moved recently and didn't have a space for it at her new home.  It has a permanent home on my porch and reminds me of her sweet friendship when I see it.

I found the whimsical double house with the rusty roof at a "junk shop" about a month ago for $5.

I love the watering can perch on this one.  I think it came from a home party purchase many years ago.

A family of wrens are nesting in this house.  The wren is my favorite bird.  I love their sassy little attitude and their flipped up tail.  I have seen them several times in the last few days pulling Spanish moss out of some of my flower pots.  There is enough corgi hair in my backyard to make several nests but they don't seem to be interested.  Whenever I brush the corgi girls, I leave the hair in the flower borders just in case.  Maybe she doesn't want her home to smell like a corgi.  I'll bet she loves the fragrance coming from the flocks growing under her nest.