September 11, 2010

Between Naps on Mom's Bed

Since I  retired, people ask me all the time "what do you do all day".  Well, here's the answer.  I spend my time opening the back door for  Heidi and Arabelle to run around the backyard and chase squirrels.  Meanwhile, Hanna has been lounging in the sunshine on the front porch and now she wants to come in for one of her naps.  In a few minutes she'll be upstairs whining for me to put her on my bed (it's too high for her to jump).   By now her sisters have gotten hot and they are at the back door barking to come in.  Pretty soon one of them  will be ready to go on the front porch and the other will want to go back outside.   Basically what I do all day is whatever my three furgirls want me to do.  I almost forgot one thing, right after dinner, Arabelle will be standing at the back door with her frisbee in her mouth wanting me to play.  It's difficult to say "no" to such a cute fluffy face.  By bedtime, I'm exhausted!

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