March 13, 2013

Izy Update

Her right eyebrow still needs to be touched up.

Last week I shared with you my excitement about finding a manikin for my shop space (Izy).  While I was waiting to see if I could get the bottom half of her, I sat her on a small buffet in my dining room.  I loved the way she looked in that room.  With lots of encouragement from my high school friend, I decided she wouldn't be going to the shop.

Izy (2)

Saturday when I picked up the legs for her from the flea market vendor, she showed me another manikin made by the same manufacturer.  She is beautiful but has had some major repairs.  Her head has been completed broken off and someone did a terrible job of trying to repair her.  The vendor sold her to me for nearly nothing and my first thought was that I'd take her neck apart and try to reglue her.  After close inspection, I noticed some hairline cracks around the glued area and changed my mind. She'll just have to wear a pretty scarf all the time!  So,  Izy (1) will live in the dining room on the buffet and Izy (2) will use the long, beautiful legs and spend her time at the shop.

I've had so much fun working on these two.  Both of them have been completely repainted except their faces.


  1. Sorry still laughing about your paint matching story. Great job you have done , they both look good. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I think she's called Hilary..she's in the middle of the page here http://www.mannequinmode.com/women.html#anchor_1727

  3. These are wonderful! You have a way with them : )