July 7, 2014


I have always loved birdhouses, nests and anything to do with birds.  My favorite season is spring and I get so excited when I have nests and baby birds in my yard.    Over the years I've collected several houses inside and outside my home.  The one above is my favorite and I keep it under the cover of my front porch to preserve it.

My wonderful neighbor gave me this one with the star opening.  She moved recently and didn't have a space for it at her new home.  It has a permanent home on my porch and reminds me of her sweet friendship when I see it.

I found the whimsical double house with the rusty roof at a "junk shop" about a month ago for $5.

I love the watering can perch on this one.  I think it came from a home party purchase many years ago.

A family of wrens are nesting in this house.  The wren is my favorite bird.  I love their sassy little attitude and their flipped up tail.  I have seen them several times in the last few days pulling Spanish moss out of some of my flower pots.  There is enough corgi hair in my backyard to make several nests but they don't seem to be interested.  Whenever I brush the corgi girls, I leave the hair in the flower borders just in case.  Maybe she doesn't want her home to smell like a corgi.  I'll bet she loves the fragrance coming from the flocks growing under her nest.


  1. LOL! The birds never use my corgis' hair either. It just sits in the yard looking messy until the lawnmower sucks it up.

  2. I love the first one! I have a small collection of birdhouses on the wall in my sun room/porch!

  3. I love your birdhouses! We have Martin gourds and Bluebird boxes here and I have some decorative ones on my porch. I've been watching two nests that two Mockingbirds have in our string beans and blueberries:) Each time I pick blueberries and string beans and get to close to their nest, those mama birds swoop down to warn me to stay away! Oh they are amazing to watch and so pretty. When I water our plants and trees, I make sure not to water where the nests is so the babies want get wet, even though we are getting a lot of rain today, I think mama bird might be in there cuddling them and surrounding them with warmth:)

  4. Those Mockingbirds are also keeping a close eye on our fig trees fruit to ripen;)