February 22, 2016

On-Line Auction

I never bid on on-line auctions but last week I decided to try it.  The lot I bid on was pictured as an open drawer with several nondescript pieces of linen hanging out of it.  I won with an $8 bid.  Much to my surprise, when I went to pick up my winnings it was a large box of linens.  About half of it I couldn't use but two of the prettiest items were this beautiful tablecloth and a needlepoint bell pull.   

I love the hardware!

I painted this dressing table for my daughter over the weekend.  Usually I don't like doing furniture but this was fun.

Baby Perl
Next week will be one year since Perl came to live with us.  She has kept me on my toes  but has brought me such joy!  


  1. Happy birthday Pearl...What a cutie! I think you did really well with your online auction, there is certainly deals to be had, I have always done the best when I buy stuff in "Lots"


  2. Hi Sharon, Hope you and little pearl are having fun together, she is a sweet little doll face, and her eyes are the color of cornflowers! That is a great piece of needlework you won in the auction. I love online auctions, been blowing my money on them for years> The farm folk send their regards! Jeri